"This is the first time I have had a course like this that was not done word for word out of the book/ hand out."
‑ Plant Manager, Guelph ON
"It also would seem to me that adopting Turnaround Interview® would make an organization a more attractive place to work. The approach requires a level of trust and cooperation between management and their employees, thus it would seem that employees would have a more favourable view of their managers than if they always felt they were being threatened."
‑ HR Manager, Saskatoon, SK
"Montana analyzed our several collective agreements and designed and delivered a comprehensive case‑based training program customized to our needs and contracts. They showed a rare ability to explain complex concepts in simple, practical, and accurate terms. In their training, they use their extensive experience as arbitration counsel and in negotiations to help the participants understand both theory and application of labour relations principles.

We had great feedback and great results from your program. I have seen an order of magnitude change in the way grievances are being handled and the degree to which we are not getting grievances. Our folks really benefited from your teaching."

‑ COO, Fredericton, NB
"I’m recommending you to my friend who is an employment lawyer for a large retailer 'down here' in the United States with a healthy fear and worry of all things in Canada. I've been singing your praises to him, and as things turn out, he's quite interested in having a chat with you.

The first qualification that I usually look for in an advisor or consultant is knowledge of a subject. Through your Labour Relations course and our discussions, I found that you had an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience on Labour/Industrial Relations, and it was clear that you have dealt with every imaginable labour relations situation that we could possibly encounter. The second qualification that I look for is the ability to put together knowledge, experience and relevant details surrounding the current situation to develop a solution or optimum approach. Again, through our discussions, I found that you were very capable of drawing from your expansive experience and coming up with a 'wise' solution. The bottom line for me is that I would not hesitate to contact you for advice and guidance on our toughest labour relations and management challenges. It was a real pleasure to have met someone of your caliber, and I look forward to our next meeting."

‑ Special Advisor, Federal Government - Ottawa ON
"I've never attended a course and marked strongly agree to all questions before. This was by far the most informitive and useful course I have attended in my 15‑20 years of training. A must for anyone supervising a workforce."
– Production Manager, Toronto