The Turnaround Interview™ workshop is a practical two-day program that equips managers and supervisors with powerful techniques to help employees break minor but persistent problem behaviours in the workplace. Learn practical techniques for overcoming employees’ natural defensiveness and drawing out concrete commitments in such a way that the employee with whom you are meeting will actually follow through!

Throughout the workshop, you will immerse yourself in a systematic approach to navigating these challenging conversations. Go beyond just tone to understand the subtle mechanisms of a conversation – how to maintain control of where the conversation is going, how to deal with tactics to distract you or end the conversation, how to address excuses and accusations, and how room setup and body language can affect outcomes. You will experience case practices tailored to your own experiences and unlearn conversational habits that undermine your effectiveness.

You will learn:
  • Why people defend bad behaviour
  • Why lecturing employees is ineffective
  • How employees’ reactions to coaching are rooted in four defensive responses learned in youth
  • How to avoid showing nervousness or fear while maintaining control of the conversation
  • 4 steps to getting a commitment to change
  • Dozens of defensive tactics and what to say when you meet them
  • When to use discipline becomes unavoidable, and how to transition to it.

Turnaround Interview™ was developed and is taught by Montana but is also delivered by licensed consultants and organisations across Canada. Contact us at for information about licensed and certified instructors near you or for information about becoming a Turnaround Interview™ licensee.