Montana Consulting Group conducts workplace assessment, 360-degree evaluation, workplace harassment or violence, and disciplinary investigation for many clients from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

The goal of workplace assessment is to analyse the workings of the work environment as well as underlying issues of conflicts or tensions that might be brewing on the surface. We can accompany you at every step of the initiative, and meetings with the employees can take place in person or by videoconference. The meetings are confidential, and the report is also written as to preserve the anonymity of the participants.

The goal of 360-degree evaluation is to evaluate the interpersonal skills and the know-how of an employee who usually holds a management position. We do a qualitative evaluation which allows us to give precise feedback and make practical recommendations.

As for harassment investigations, they are conducted in an impartial manner and in the respect of procedural fairness. Based on evidence, we will determine if the allegations are founded, and that being the case they will then be analysed to see if they constitute a breach of the Respectful Workplace Policy.

In the case of a disciplinary investigation, the goal is to determine if there is just cause for the imposition of a disciplinary measure. Our reports contain well research and well documented conclusions.

Finally, it is worth noting that Montana Consulting Group is familiar with provincial governements and federal government harassment investigation procedures and offers its services in French and English.